Charlamagne tha God: Trump Setting Kamala Harris Up To Be The First Woman President


CNN: Radio personality Charlamagne tha God, who co-hosts "The Breakfast Club," says he thinks Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris will face off with President Trump in the 2020 election.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: As the 2020 race surges toward the primary the Democratic candidates are working hard to earn the black vote. And one stop that many of them are making is an interview on The Breakfast club. Why is that? Well, the radio show has a huge following on air and online, especially with African-Americans.

On the show, the candidates are grilled by host Charlamagne tha God who definitely does not hold back. The conversations focusing on black voters, top of mind issues and a whole lot more.


LEMON: Joining me now, Charlamagne tha God.

GOD: Hi, Don. What's happening, sir?

LEMON: I've been trying to get you on here for years.

GOD: Well, I'm happy to be here.

LEMON: I'm happy that you are here.

GOD: Yes, I ducked a couple of other shows just to make sure that I get to you first.

LEMON: You know, we talk offline sometimes. And I have to tell you, I really admire what you do. I admire your candor. You don't care, you say it however you feel, whatever you mean you say it and standby it. And I appreciate that.

GOD: Thank you.

LEMON: I think that's why your show is so successful. One reason your show is so successful because you hosted eight of the 24 Democratic candidates.

GOD: Thanks. It feels like more than that.

LEMON: Right. They all come on to talk to you. What is the difference on your show when they -- than other interviews you think?

GOD: I think that they know that they can come to us and be a little bit more loose. But I actually think that they were coming to our show because they thought that they could just get over on the black and brown audience.

Like they didn't think that, you know, we were as prepared as we are when it comes to the show. Sob I think that they thought they could just come in there and just, you know, do the usual political rhetoric spilled. Scripted talking points and you know, hey, onto the next thing. But I think that, I think the jig is up on that. I think they know they got to come and be prepared.

LEMON: Let's talk about some of the issues. Because the candidates come on your show they open up about all types of things. Watch this.


GOD: Have you ever smoke?



[22:29:59] HARRIS: I did inhale.

GOD: you did inhale?

HARRIS: It was a long time ago, but yes.

GOD: What about chick filet? You like chick filet?

MAYOR PETE BUTTIGIEG (D-FL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I do not approve of their politics, but I kind of approve of their chicken.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're my kind of guy, man.

SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Before I declare presidency. I'm dating somebody really special.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So Cory Booker got a boo.

HARRIS: You must not read the blogs, Charlemagne.


LEMON: What do you think of me when you look at that?

CHARLEMAGNE THA GOD, THE BREAKFAST CLUB CO-HOST: I can't believe that's news. That's what people care about throughout the whole interview, you know? But I think the reason that they care about those sound bites right there, is because, like I said, there's nothing you can ask a politician that they will not have an answer to, a scripted answer to. But, you know, you don't have answers to those kinds of questions, because you're not getting asked that kind of stuff anywhere else.

LEMON: But sometimes, I say, like, I will watch an interview and the answer to that question was so easy. Why didn't they just say this, right?

THA GOD: Oh, yeah. Joe Biden, he fumbles the ball all the time. He misses lay ups.

LEMON: So let's talk about that then. What -- you think he fumbled?

THA GOD: Yeah. I think Joe Biden fumbles all the time, because Joe Biden suffers from old (Inaudible) entitlement. He just can't simply say I was wrong. He can't simply, hey, you know, I thought this way at one time. But now I think a different way. Instead of him just admitting that some of the things that he actually did was wrong.

LEMON: Then why do you think that he has such support among African- Americans. Is that everything to do with the Barack Obama or is it because black folks dislike him? THA GOD: It's all about Barack Obama. You know what I'm saying?

Like, I'm from the south. So when you go to your grandma's house, if you have got a friend with you, your grandma is going to say, hey, yeah I will fix him a plate. When you're not around, grandma has questions.

LEMON: Do you think that there is -- because you said it was an old -- what were your words, Joe Biden suffers from --

THA GOD: Old white male entitlement mentality, privilege.

LEMON: Do you think that there -- that some people are too old to run?

THA GOD: I don't think people are too old. But I think that you can have old ideas, you know? And I think that you have got to be willing to learn new things, you know? Really you have to be willing to unlearn, you know? Unlearn, you know? A lot of these guys aren't telling us what they've unlearned, because they're still holding on to those old things that we're complaining about.

LEMON: Are there others who you think could answer better in this race other than Joe Biden.

THA GOD: Answer what better?

LEMON: Answer questions better, especially when it comes to the black agenda.

THA GOD: I think Mayor Pete is great, you know, with his -- the Frederick Douglas Bill that he passed. That's his specific black agenda. I think Senator Kamala Harris is great, you know? I think Elizabeth Warren is good. I think this is the first time that these Democrats have had to present a black agenda. I think that Democrats -- black people have been so loyal to Democrats for so long for no reason.

We haven't asked for anything. But now this year, we're saying what is your black agenda? And they're creating one.

LEMON: Why do you think this president, this administration gets away with so much stuff?

THA GOD: Old white male entitlement. Only old rich white male can get away with the things that Donald Trump is getting away with. People say it all the time. If Barack Obama did a quarter of the things that Donald Trump has done, he wouldn't even made it to the nominee or anything. He would have been out first round, whatever.

Like, so it's like we know what it is. Like, why do we ask these questions when we know the answers. You know Donald Trump is getting away with what he's getting away with, because of old white male entitlement, the age old white privilege that's been going on in America since the beginning of time.

LEMON: OK. So then what you do say to people who say -- listen, this is about beating Trump. And someone, you know, I don't know. It's going to take someone who is like Trump to beat Trump (Inaudible) white male.

THA GOD: So if you want somebody that's like Trump to beat Trump, you're essentially saying you really don't have a problem with Trump. You just may not like Trump because Trump doesn't represent your particular party maybe. Like, what does that even mean? Would you want Donald Trump on the Democratic side? Would you really want somebody like Donald Trump as a Democrat?

Because if you do, if you say yes, than that means you really don't have a problem with Trump. You just have a problem with the fact that he's not representing your party.

LEMON: So no matter who the nominee is, let's say the nominee is not the person you want it to be.

THA GOD: I don't know who I want to be yet. I think I want it to be Senator Kamala Harris, only because I feel like, you know, Donald Trump is setting the stage for the first woman president, specifically a woman of color. Because if you see how women of color have rallied since Trump has been in the White House, whether it was the women's march that (Inaudible) put together in Alabama.


THA GOD: When it turned it out in Alabama, like, it seemed like the stage is being set for a woman of color president. When you see somebody as qualified as Senator Harris, it's like why wouldn't you want that? Why wouldn't you rally around that.

LEMON: Do you think America would vote for a gay man?

THA GOD: Yes, absolutely do, 100 percent.

LEMON: To be president?

[22:34:51] THA GOD: Yes, I do, wholeheartedly, because I think that when you talk to somebody like Mayor Pete, I don't have a conversation on Mayor Pete and say to myself, this is a great gay man. This is a very charismatic great man. I say he's a great man, that he's a charismatic man. I think he's an honest man. I don't think he's an honest gay man. He's just an honest person.

Like, even that conversation we had. That was a very honest conversation to say man, I love chick fillet's chicken. I just don't like their politics.

LEMON: Is there anyone you are surprised by either they're doing well or not doing well.


THA GOD: Mayor Pete. I'm not surprised that Cory's not doing well.

LEMON: That he's not tracking as high as many people thought -- polling I should say.

THA GOD: I don't think Cory has an identity yet, you know? I like -- I like -- I like -- I like -- I like -- I like -- I like some of the things that Cory Booker says, but for some reason he's just not standing out, you know? I don't know.


LEMON: What do you mean he doesn't have an identity yet?

THA GOD: I don't think people don't know what he is and what he's about, you know? With Senator Harris, you at least can point to what she did in California, you know, her being a prosecutor, you know? Mayor Pete has gone out there and, like, carved a lane for himself to at least you can say he's charismatic. When Cory -- first of all, you got to think Cory's following, right? Cory's a black man. When you see a black man for president, who do you compare him to?

LEMON: Barack Obama.

THA GOD: Exactly. So that's the bar. He's not even scratching the surface of that, you know, quite yet. I just think that he can be doing a lot more to present, you know, who he is and what he's about to the American people. I thought he did good in the debate, though.

LEMON: Charlemagne, thank you. I really appreciate you, seriously. I have so much respect for you. You have no idea.

THA GOD: Thank you. I have respect for you too.

LEMON: Thank you, brother, Charlamagne Tha God. OK, so someone thought this was a good idea. The president's Florida golf resort was supposed to be hosting a charity golf tournament put on by a strip club. But tonight, the Trump organization is cancelling is the event, all the details next.

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