GOP Sen. Hawley: Tech Giants Must Quit Censoring Conservatives If They Want To Keep "Special Deal" With Government


Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) spoke at the White House Social Media Summit on Thursday and warned social media giants that they have to quit discriminating against conservatives if they want to keep their "special deals" with the government. Hawley said social media giants "would love to shut us up" and conservatives must step up to stop them.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: And I want to thank a man who I said a long time ago when we said let's do it because Josh Hawley is special. He is somebody that I said Josh you got to run. Well, I don't know. You know he had a good set up pretty well, right? You weren't going anywhere; he could do whatever he wanted in his great state unless I'm telling you can do it and she turned out-- she's a tough candidate whether you like her or you don't like her -- she's tough, right? And by the end of that that was incredible. That was a hell of a race and he won and he's young and he's brilliant and I'm going to ask him to come up and say a few words if you don't mind about what we are doing and come on up right now I think it would be a good time.


SENATOR JOSH HAWLEY (R-MISSOURI): Thank you. Thank you. Well, first of all, can we just give another round of applause to the President of the United States for his leadership on this issue?


You know, the media--the media says, the establishment media, the fake media, they say, "Oh, there's no censorship in social media. That's all made up. That's all fake." You and I know that that's not true. You and I know the truth is that the social media giants would love to shut us down. They would love to shut us up. They would love to shut him up more than anything else, and we can't let them.

And that's why we need to step up now and I think we need to say to them here's the deal, Google, Facebook, Twitter, they've gotten the special deals from government. They've gotten a special giveaway from government. They are treated unlike anybody else. If they want to keep their special deal, here's the bargain, they have to quit discriminating against conservatives. You agree with that? No more. No more discrimination.


It's that simple. That's all we're asking for. They ought to abide by the same principles of free speech and the First Amendment that this country embraces that we love and call our own. And I don't think it's too much to ask for these huge tech platforms who've gotten rich off of our information, right, off of our data, off of everything we've given them, they got rich off of it, they got rich off of their special privileges from government. They want to keep those, they shouldn't discriminate, they shouldn't censor, they shouldn't shut us down. To make the President to give her his incredible leadership. Thank you for allowing me to be here. Thank you, Mr. President, for all that you do.

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