Anderson Cooper: Has Trump Made Illegal Immigrants "Afraid" Of "Taking Part In The Census?"


CNN host Anderson Cooper said Thursday night he wonders is President Donald Trump has had the impact he "hoped" for of making immigrants, undocumented or otherwise, afraid of engaging in the 2020 census.

"I wonder if this has already had the impact that the president had hoped by getting -- you know, making people who may be here -- who are undocumented or even not, who are immigrants, making them afraid of actually taking part in the census," Cooper said in an interview with Sen. Cory Booker.

"Anderson, this is somebody who is trying to drive within this great country a fear-based culture," Booker responded. "He tried to tell us we should be terrified about migrants coming up from the south, to the point that he had the media writing about a caravan as if that's going to threaten the mightiest country on the Planet Earth. His fear-based politics is undermining the safety of communities all around this country, where now you have immigrant communities are afraid to even go forward and report crime, sexual assault, violence, robberies to local police because they're afraid of being deported, afraid of dropping their kids off to school."

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