Victor Davis Hanson: "A Western Globalized Phenomenon That Citizenship Doesn't Mean Much Anymore"


Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson was interviewed about the citizenship question on the census and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comments that President Trump wants to "Make America White Again" on the Tuesday edition of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

"I think it's even a Western globalized phenomenon that citizenship doesn't mean much anymore," Hanson told Carlson. "That residency is all you need, that we blur the distinction. So we have local elections in which illegal aliens vote."

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Victor Davis Hanson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. He joins us tonight. Professor, thanks very much for coming on. First, just a larger question. Democrats are claiming that this is racist, everything is racist. But the rhetoric on this citizenship question is particularly acidic and biting.

Nancy Pelosi make America white again. What happens to the social fabric of our country when trusted leaders like Nancy Pelosi make grotesque and untrue race-based claims like that? How badly does it hurt this country?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: Yes, we're destroying the classical definition of the melting pot in which your superficial appearance was supposed to be incidental, not essential to who you are.

CARLSON: Exactly.

HANSON: And when she says, "Make America white," I live in a community with 90 percent Hispanics and I can guarantee you that I don't know if you were to tell me some were Italian or some were Southern European, I wouldn't know the difference.

So white is just a construct. Many people crossing the border are whiter than I am. And so this artificial binary is masking the problem. And that is, the Democratic Party wants to change the demography of the United States because they feel that their message doesn't resonate with the existing population.

So one of the strange things Tucker, it's not just that the analytic show there's more than 11 million people, we know that from a recent MIT and Yale study where it suggested the high number might be as high as 22 million and up, then that could be up to seven or eight to nine percent of the population.

But the Democrats know that because in 2006 to 2008, if you and I collated what Barack Obama said, what John Kerry said, what Hillary Clinton said, we would see that they were pretty much on record that they wanted legal, only immigration. So what changed from then until now? And what changes that they understand the numbers are so huge now that they see a potential constituency or actually an actual constituency.

So we shouldn't listen to what they say, but how they act and they pander to the illegal alien community, because they know the numbers in truth are huge.

CARLSON: So I mean, that suggests overwhelmingly that they believe at some point, the illegal aliens living here will be able to vote in elections. I mean, that has to be the plan or they wouldn't be pandering, correct?

HANSON: It is. And it is part of a -- I think it's even a Western globalized phenomenon that citizenship doesn't mean much anymore. That residency is all you need, that we blur the distinction. So we have local elections in which illegal aliens vote.

But if you come into the airport, or one of our viewers does without a passport, Tucker, he's in real trouble. Or if I use a fake identity or a fake social security number, I'm done at the Hoover Institution, that's a felony.

If I am in a community and I say Federal law does not apply to me on matters of hand gun registration or EPA, that's impossible. But with sanctuary cities and open borders, we've actually given the legal exemption to residents over citizens. And that's why there's this pushback. And I think the Democrats are, as your guest said, they're terrified that the actual number which they know to be true, if that gets out, people are going to say, "Wow, we've got a huge number of people."

Twenty seven percent in California, current residents are not native born. That's over one in four Californian, and people say we know what happened to California. That's what's behind this, flipping red states into blue states.

So it's pretty cynical when you look all around that the Mexican government that wants the $60 billion along with the Central American governments in remittances. The employers want cheap labor, the ethnic industry wants a constituency to fuel their agendas. The Democratic Party wants a new blue state Electoral College, it's pretty cynical.

And the only person that has no constituency is your average American middle class voter.

CARLSON: Right. Who is obeying the law and using his real name to pay his real taxes, we're suckers.

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