Dershowitz: Woman Accusing Me Of Rape On Jeffrey Epstein's Island Is "Lying For Money"


Alan Dershowitz, the high-profile lawyer who defended Jeffrey Epstein in his 2008 sex abuse case, told "CBS This Morning" that a woman who claims she was forced to have sex with Dershowitz as part of Epstein's alleged sex trafficking operation is "lying for money." Dershowitz said the woman and her lawyer falsely accused him as part of an elaborate extortion scheme. Giuffre is suing him for defamation.

"The same woman that accused me claimed to have had dinner with Bill Clinton and two underage girls on Jeffrey Epstein's island, claimed to have met Al Gore and Tipper Gore. Secret Service records show that all of that is fantasy and made up. This is a woman with a long, long record of lying for money," Dershowitz said about his accuser.

"If I had ever seen Jeffrey Epstein in any inappropriate situation with an underage girl, I would've terminated my relationship and turned him in. No way," he also said. "We were shocked by the allegations, but as a criminal lawyer, being shocked by an allegation doesn't mean that I won't defend somebody."

"They made a deal, and for them it was not a bad deal," Dershowitz said. "They got him to be a registered sex offender to pay vast amounts of money to all the women, and to get him to plead and go to jail, and expose him for the world to see as a sex offender. I think the feds thought it was the best they could do."

"I think a lot of people without the power and wealth might've gotten a better deal... Because his prominence, his fame made it clear that the prosecution would work very hard to get the best possible deal they could. Look, wealth is a two-edged sword. It helps you put together a very good legal team, but it also puts you in the public eye in a way that makes the prosecution work very hard to get a conviction," Dershowitz said.

"I'm a criminal lawyer, not a civil lawyer, but from what I know, tens of millions of dollars were paid out to many, many alleged victims," he said.

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