Giuliani: There Was "A Plot From The Very Beginning To Frame Trump"


Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to President Donald Trump, said there was a plot to "frame" Donald Trump from the very beginning in an interview with FNC's Sean Hannity on Tuesday.

HANNITY:  Well, we've been investigating investigators.  We're learning an awful lot that I don’t like.  Look, I want truth and justice, but you can't say sing or compose or we’re going to put you in jail; say what we want or we'll put you in jail.  What – how did Mueller --
GIULIANI:  Only if you have the liberal media which makes you into some kind of a king for doing that and a prince, when in fact, this is like -- this is the scourge of people who are civil libertarians, prosecutors like this.  That's why you’ve got a guy like Alan Dershowitz in shock that these people are being lionized like this.
HANNITY:  How does Mueller justify FARA investigations?  You and I both know that that's usually fill out the form, fine, see you later, or loan applications or taxing medallions, all of which he -- and taxes from a decade gone by, and ignore Steele's dirty dossier that the other candidate paid for --
GIULIANI:  Because he didn’t care about the truth..
HANNITY:  -- that was used to spy on a campaign. 
GIULIANI:  He was a hit man, he didn’t care -- he didn’t -- he wasn’t -- he wouldn’t have hired Weissmann if he cared about the truth, would he?  He wouldn’t have hired Jeannie Rhee, the counsel to Clinton’s -- the Clinton Foundation.  That –
HANNITY:  Well, they’re going to put you in jail and I’ll be right next to you, because these people don’t --
GIULIANI:  I wouldn’t hire people like that.  They wouldn’t see the inside of my U.S. attorney’s office; I would have kicked them out.  I mean when he did that I said to myself what the heck is wrong with him. Well, then I figured out what’s wrong with him.  He’s basically asleep. 
And the -- and the reality -- the reality is that this was a plot from the very beginning to frame Trump, that’s what you’re going to find out.  It’s rather complex, it has a whole counter intelligence spin to it, and its going to get worse and worse and worse.
And why is this the first time somebody sat down with Steele for 15 hours?  Comey never did it.  It was unverified.  Hey, you’re the director of the FBI.  You’re supposed to verify, jerk.  You’re supposed to verify.  Don’t tell me you can’t verify. 
Man I’d have thrown him out of the office if I were the attorney general.  You didn’t -- you come to me as the president and you tell me the thing is unverified and you’ve had it for four months and you haven’t thought to verify it. 
And find that it’s a bunch of crap.
HANNITY:  He signed off in October 2016, verified.
GIULIANI:  He had four months to verify it Sean.
HANNITY:  And four months later he said it’s unverified --
GIULIANI:  He should have been embarrassed walking into the President of the United States -- or the president elect of the United States and saying it’s unverified.  Unverified? 
You had four months to verify it, and you run the most competent, effective law enforcement agency in the world -- or at least you claim you do, and you ruined it pal, because they’re all ashamed of you and they should be ashamed of Mueller.
You look back on Mueller’s record now with an eye at of what he was doing, you look at the whole whiny thing and you say wow, this is predictable.

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