Giuliani: Joe Biden Is Not A Racist, But He's "Not That Smart"


Former NYC mayor and attorney for the president, Rudy Giuliani weighs in on the Democratic presidential primary and which candidate President Trump should be most worried about. In an interview with FNC's Laura Ingraham, Giuliani said former Vice President Joe Biden is not a racist but he also is "not that smart."

"Joe, I mean, look, let's face it, Joe is never been a good candidate. I know he’ll get really insulted, but he's not that bright. The president says that, it happens to be true," Giuliani said.

"He’s a backslapper and he's not that smart," Giuliani said of Biden. "The rest of these people are smart. Obama is smart. Michelle is very wicked smart. They also realize he's not up to it. They want to win. And I think they feel that Joe is going to self implode at some point."

Transcript, via FNC:

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST:  And our next guest reveals which rival the Trump Team is most concerned about.  Joining us now is Rudy Giuliani, attorney for President Trump and former presidential candidate himself.   
Rudy, great to see you.  
INGRAHAM:  So, is the president shaking in his boots?  He doesn't wear boots.  Shaking in his -- I don't know, toe shoes over Kamala Harris?  
GIULIANI:  He's not shaking at all about Kamala Harris or any of them.  I mean, the president realizes there's going to be a candidate, we don't know who it is, and they are going to have to make all these crazy charges.  But I think he’s pretty comfortable.  And I am, certainly with the fact that they’ve all gone so far to the left.  
I mean, Kamala Harris is in favor of open borders.  I know what kind of prosecutor she is if she is in favor of open borders.  If you are in favor of open borders, you must be in favor of open doors in your house.  Let everybody end.  Let's not find out who they are or identify themselves.  
I mean, she's in favor of late term -- term abortion.  Late term meaning the day before the baby is born.  We can go on and on.  High taxes.  
She does a little better job than some of them, like Warren and Bernie, of disguising herself as not as quite left-wing.  But when you examine her positions, she's very, very left wing.  I think she is the flavor of the month because Joe couldn’t defend himself.  It was kind of pathetic.  I mean, she eviscerated him and I thought it wasn't with very much.  
And I think that -- I think we got a very, very big signal from Michelle.  That was definitely calculated.  You saw that.  I mean, you pointed it out beautifully.  But Michelle is a very smart woman, whatever else she is.  
INGRAHAM:  I mean, Rudy, she could have said, I’m not taking sides here on the presidential contest, but we know Joe Biden very well.  Joe and Jill were really close to us.  We served with them for eight years, not a racist bone in his body.  
GIULIANI:  That’s easy to say.  Isn’t that easy to say?
INGRAHAM:  And she went out of her -- I think she went out of her way, both of them, not to say that.  I mean, you can't -- you don't hear a peep out of Barack Obama unless it’s some sideswipe at Trump without really mentioning him by name.  But I have found that to be -- also I kind of found that to be graceless on the part of the Obamas.  
GIULIANI:  At a bare minimum, Biden is entitled to, "he's not a racist."  And also, he's not.  Look, I have a lot of issues with Biden, including what appears to be a lot of corruption in China and Ukraine.  
GIULIANI:  Hundreds of millions -- millions one place, billions other place, while he's negotiating for America.  His son is pulling down millions of dollars and Joe was taking him there on Air Force Two.  Come on.  
You know, if that were one of us, we'd be indicted by now.  
GIULIANI:  But I believe the Democrats aren't touching that yet because they are trying to take them out on his lack of competence and he’s --  
INGRAHAM:  And they seem -- Rudy, they seem very, and surprisingly, unprepared.  They should have been prepared for incoming from someone they know it is close with the Obamas.  
GIULIANI:  Joe, I mean, look, let's face it, Joe is never been a good candidate.  I know he’ll get really insulted, but he's not that bright.  The president says that, it happens to be true.  
Everyone always says, oh, he's funny, he's Uncle Joe.  The fact is, he's not the brightest bulb in the pack. 
INGRAHAM:  He's a backslapper type, and he’s a shoulder grabber.  
GIULIANI:  He’s a backslapper and he's not that smart.  
INGRAHAM:  Rudy, Jill spoke out tonight -- 
GIULIANI:  The rest of these people are smart.  Obama is smart.  
GIULIANI:  Michelle is very wicked smart.  They also realize he's not up to it.  They want to win.  And I think they feel that Joe is going to self implode at some point and they want to -- 
INGRAHAM:  Yes.  Jill Biden spoke out tonight and if they were clearly stunned and ill-prepared for this attack.  Let's watch.  
CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR:  Biggest surprise for you so far?  
JILL BIDEN, WIFE OF JOE BIDEN:  The biggest surprise, I think, was the debates.  I think probably Kamala was a little bit of a surprise.  I think that’s the biggest surprise so far.  
INGRAHAM:  Again.  How are you not prepared for that?  That’s mostly disqualifying in and of itself.  
GIULIANI:  Of course it is.  I mean, if you are not prepared for kamala, are you prepared for -- are you prepared for Kim Jong-un and Putin and people in China?  And --  
INGRAHAM:  No, they make too much money in China.  
GIULIANI:  And, honestly, Joe isn’t prepared.  
GIULIANI:  That’s a sad truth about him.  
INGRAHAM:  Rudy, we got of a lot of other topics we want to get to because I think we destroyed that topic.  
INGRAHAM:  I want to get to what Attorney General Barr said about Mueller's upcoming testimony next week.  Watch.  
WILLIAM BARR, ATTORNEY GENERAL:  I was disappointed to see him subpoenaed because I don't think that serves any purpose dragging Bob Mueller up if he, in fact, is going to stick to the report.  It seems to me the only reason for doing that is to create some kind of public spectacle and if Bob decides that he doesn't want to be subject to that, the Department of Justice would certainly back him.  
INGRAHAM:  What you make of those comments?  
GIULIANI:  I think that the attorney general realizes this has gone way beyond what normally happens that way beyond the bounds of ethics and discussing the facts about somebody about whom you are not going to bring charges.  I mean, a 400-plus-page report, ten-minute sort of suggested press conference, and now we will repeat it all with this kind of glorified testimony?  I think the attorney general is very concerned about it.  
From a political point of view, I almost -- I almost like it because I believe that the Republicans have a lot of good questions to ask Mueller that he's going to have a very hard time answering them.  I think the net of this is going to be that people are going to have more questions about Mueller after it's over them before they go in.  
But, you know, I can see why the attorney general, if I was in his position, I'd be very concerned about how this is really doing something terribly unethical that prosecutors are taught you never should do.  You never talk about a case when you decline prosecution.  Ever, ever, ever, because it’s so unfair.
INGRAHAM:  Yes, we’re going to get into this topic later in the show but I do want to get your taken thoughts on what's happening with Jeffrey Epstein, he pled not guilty to charges of sex trafficking minors, I mean, breathtakingly hideous allegations.  
Did you know him?  Did you have any interactions with him ever?  
GIULIANI:  I don't believe so.  I don't a member of her meeting with him.  His face looks a little familiar but it may be because I’ve seen them on television.  I can't imagine that I know him.  
He's a real close friend of Bill Clinton.  I mean, he's the one who travel on planes with him, went all over with him.  I’m not saying that Bill Clinton was involved in any way but he's the one who was really close to him.  So, I can't imagine I ever had much to do with anything.  I don't recall ever having anything to do with them.  
INGRAHAM:  Looks like they are clearly after this Alex Acosta, labor secretary for the president, with that plea deal.  Any thoughts on that tonight?  
GIULIANI:  My view is somebody charged with the things he is charged with, you throw the maximum penalty at him.  I don't know what he decided as U.S. attorney.  I don't want to second-guess that.  But, you know, my knee-jerk reaction to it is that the guy should be in jail for a long time, given what I know publicly.  And then I have to put in the caveat, you know, everyone is presumed innocent.  
INGRAHAM:  One final thought, Rudy, a question, Nancy Pelosi spoke out today on the census -- the citizenship question and made an outrageous swipe -- more than a swipe -- at the president.  Watch.  
REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA):  This is about keeping -- you know, make America -- you know, his hat, make America white again.  They want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted.  It's really disgraceful.  
And it's not what our founders had in mind.  Who are we?  What is America?  
GIULIANI:  I don't know what's wrong with her.  
The question is, Nancy, whether you are a citizen.  We have white citizens, black citizens, we have Hispanic citizens, Chinese -- it's whether you are a citizen, Nancy.  
INGRAHAM:  Why did she say it, Rudy?  Going back to my "Angle."  This is by any means necessary to take out this president.  They want to divide this country, they wanted turn white against black, Hispanic against black, white against -- I mean, it is a cynical, horrible strategy.  
GIULIANI:  Well, they take every -- every single thing that is done, whether it relates to anything like that or not, they will interpret that way.  It's like a talking point they just repeat.  
There is nothing racial about asking someone whether they are a citizen.  It’s like seeking identification before you vote.  That's racial?  
INGRAHAM:  Yes, I think that was it.  She knows it.  She sang it anyway.  
GIULIANI:  You have to produce identification to get on an airplane.  
INGRAHAM:  Yes, Nancy Pelosi's smart.  She is doing this very reason.  They are worried about Trump gaining even a five percentage points among African-American voters --  
GIULIANI:  They are.
INGRAHAM:  -- because of the great economic record he’s had at with African-Americans, criminal justice reform.  I think they are panicked about that.  
GIULIANI:  Well, you know, the president --  
INGRAHAM:  They want to divide this country on racial lines.  I think it's disgusting.  Everybody is doing better in this economy, everybody.  
GIULIANI:  The president when he ran an '16 said take a chance on me, you can't do any worse.  
GIULIANI:  And, you know, they are doing better than they have ever done, all of us.  

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