Bernie Sanders on Biden: One Thing To Work Across The Aisle, Another To Praise "Civility" Of Segregationists


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders weighs in on former Vice President Joe Biden's apology for working with segregationist Senators.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (D-VT): In terms of Joe Biden, look, I think that Joe Biden, Joe has talked about his early days in the Senate when things were civil. But underneath that so-called civility, there was an incredible oppression and ugliness and attacks against the African-American community.

You see this when your Congresspeople are so nice, how are you, how is your family. And yet, they are supporting efforts that literally terrorized 30, 40 years ago the African-American community. So it is one thing to work with people, I do, of all political differences. But it's another thing to boast about a civility which really masks some very ugly policies.

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