Justin Amash, Sick Of "Partisan Nonsense," Leaves Door Open To Third Party Presidential Campaign In 2020


After announcing that he was leaving the Republican Party last week, libertarian-leaning Rep. Justin Amash told CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday morning that he is not ruling out a possible White House run in 2020.

"I still wouldn't rule anything like that out, I believe I have to use my skills, my public influence, where it serves the country best," Amash told CNN's Jake Tapper. "And I believe I have to defend the Constitution in whichever way that works best."

"I've had concerns with the Republican Party for several years," he said. "I've had concerns with the party system generally."

"It’s a problem for the Republican Party, it’s a problem for the Democratic Party when people aren’t allowed to speak out. I think we really need the American people to say, enough is enough, we’ve had it with these two parties trying to ram their partisan nonsense down our throats."

Amash added: "When I first got to Congress I thought I could change things from the inside, but as I've spent time there I’ve seen that not only me, I don’t think there is anyone in there who can change the system."

"Over the years, I've seen that people are just falling in line behind the leaders, including people in my own caucus, which I left,” the five-term Michigan lawmaker said. "So it has gotten worse and worse and I think this was the term that really broke it for me."

“I don't think a lot of the partisan discord and the rest started with President Trump,” he said. “It has been going on for years and gotten worse in recent years, but he's helping to fuel it and making it worse and making it more difficult for people to be independent in Congress.”

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