Michael Eric Dyson: Trump "Demonizing" Homeless People, Making It A Stigma


Professor Michael Eric Dyson breaks down how Trump can use executive powers to address the issue of homelessness in America. Trump said in an interview with FNC's Tucker Carlson that he "may intercede" on the homelessness crisis.

"The demonization of the urban man, that's what we see going on here," Dyson said Tuesday on MSNBC. "There's a stigma being associated with these people who are our fellow citizens. And what's amazing is that instead of taking credit for the dip in the numbers, the decline in homelessness, and then going-forward to suggest that maybe he can alter some of his policies, call Ben Carson up as you suggested, stop the low-income housing dragging of people through the mud, and then give them opportunities. Talk about substance abuse treatment, talk about mental health delivery, talk about permanent housing, these are the kind of substantive public policies that can be put forth to alleviate and ameliorate the situation that's going on there."

"But, instead, he wants to hype it up to suggest there's a Dickens-like urban landscape that is prevailing, and he will be the heroic figure to step in and savior and remove them," he added.

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