Kurtz: Democratic Candidates Saying Things That Nobody In The Party Would Have Said In 2016


FOX News media analyst Howard Kurtz on how Democratic presidential candidates are facing palpable pressure to be more progressive.

HOWARD KURTZ, FOX NEWS: Well, James Carville, the old Ragin’ Cajun, offered this take to 'The New York Times': this is an election that Trump can’t win, but Democrats can lose...

The two debates in Miami last week crystallized how most of the candidates are taking stances that would antagonize many millions of Americans once you get out of the liberal bubble. And the few contenders who are positioning themselves as left-of-center moderates are muting those views in the face of palpable progressive pressure...

It's standard political practice, as you know Bill, more Democrats to move left in the primaries then tack back to the center of the general election. But, look at what we have here: 10 candidates on the debate stage raising their hands supporting health services for illegal immigrants...

Nobody is voting until next year. What we can say though is that some of these positions—way out of the leftwing, things that nobody in the party would have said even in 2016—could be a vulnerability next year.

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