Conservative Journalist Andy Ngo Talks Antifa Attack: "When I Thought It Was Over, I Was Wrong"


Quillette editor Andy Ngo shares his story of being attacked while trying to cover an Antifa rally in Portland on Monday's broadcast of FNC's 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

ANDY NGO: On Saturday, documenting this protest, that was organized by Antifa and its allies, we were a literal stone's throw away from Portland's most important institutions of the rule law, the courthouses, the sheriff's office, the central police precinct.

While hearing people chant "No hate, no fear." I am suddenly bashed on the back of my head. From behind. And from there, I am a very passive person, I have never been in a fight, it took me a few seconds to realize that I was actually even hit in my head. When I realized what was happening, it was too late. A mob of people all dressed in black and wearing masks started beating me with their fists. And some of them use objects to hit me.

I don't know how many people were involved. It seemed like five, ten, 15, or 20. It could've been that many. They beat me so much that I lost control of my GoPro camera that it was holding, which was then stolen from me. And when I thought it was over, I was wrong. I put my arms up to try to shield my face as well as to signal to them that I was surrendering, and that I was not there to fight. But it really signaled to them to be more aggressive, so then they started dumping what I believe were milkshakes, and eggs, throwing it at my face. Which blinded me so I couldn’t see.

And I was kicked some more, punched some more. And all this time I kept thinking, where are the police? I could still see the Multnomah County Justice Center in front of me, but no police ever arrived. I eventually stumbled away. Bleeding. Across the park, and I lost my balance, so I sat down on the ground in front of the courthouse and from there, a medic S.W.A.T. team informed me that in order to get in an ambulance to be taken to a hospital, I would have to walk to the police precinct, in other words, walk back in the direction of the demonstrators who just attacked me.

Later that night after arriving in the emergency room, I had a CT scan which confirmed that I was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage.

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