Cornell Belcher: Joe Biden Could Be "Hillary 2.0," Democrats Can't Go Back To 1992 Again


Progressive pollster and political strategist Cornell Belcher warned Democrats that Joe Biden has all the makings of being "Hillary 2.0" and will likely struggle to bring the Obama coalition together in a general election on NBC's "Meet The Press" roundtable on Sunday.

Belcher responded to NYT Columnist David Brooks, who said: "The debates illustrate the dilemma for moderate Democrats. If they take on progressives, they get squashed by the passionate intensity of the left. If they don't, the party moves so far left that it can't win in the fall. Right now, we've got two parties trying to make moderates homeless."


Can I, can I go in on this? Because this, this annoys me to no end. Look, all respect to Brooks, we don't need you, right? We don't need you, right? We need to rebuild the Obama coalition, right? So, so when you talk about who's problematic-- and this is my problem with Joe Biden, my fear with Joe Biden that he's Hillary 2.0.

Chuck, I sat in focus group rooms with younger voters, particularly younger voters of color. And they brought up the "superpredator" stuff with Hillary Clinton. And they said, "We cannot--" you know, they're not going to make the binary choice between the lesser of two evils. And I think the problem is Joe Biden becomes Hillary 2.0. We need a candidate who can inspire and bring back those young people and rebuild the Obama coalition, a majority coalition, back-to-back majorities built on young people and expanding the electorate. Not going back to the 1992 campaign again.

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