Acosta: Trump "Wants Episode Four Of This Reality TV-Style Relationship" With Kim Jong Un, Had "Human Breakthrough


CNN's Jim Acosta weighed in on President Trump's historic visit to the DMZ and North Korea and the "human breakthrough" he had with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Sunday. The CNN White House correspondent also reported new White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham got bruised in a "scuffle" with North Korean minders.

"In terms of the substance and what's going on between the president and Kim Jong Un, we're just going to have to wait and sigh how this see how this all plays out, but I do think it is striking, that the president, right on the spot there was inviting Kim Jong Un to the White House, he wants episode four of this reality tv-style relationship that he has brought to the forefront with Kim Jong Un," Acosta said. "The question is of course, whether or not these episodes actually reveal anything or produce anything in terms of substance."

"As you're seeing there, just a few moments ago, in these almost unimaginable pictures, seeing a U.S. president on North Korean soil, there is sort of a human breakthrough here, a diplomatic breakthrough here, just in the sense that they have developed this relationship, potentially, that could yield big dividends down the road," he added.

Acosta tweets about the scuffle:

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