Acosta: "Quite Something" To Be Close To Kim Jong Un, He Doesn't Seem Like A Killer Or A Dictator


CNN's Jim Acosta shares how it feels to be feet away from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un following his meeting with President Donald Trump at the DMZ and briefly North Korea. Acosta said Sunday that Kim comes across as charismatic and doesn't seem like a killer or someone with a brutal record. Acosta, however, wondered if President Trump is the one who could be "charmed" by Kim to get anything productive done.

"Kim Jong Un comes across in person, and I've been just a few feet away from him as a sort of jovial, slightly rotund, you know, politician and does not smack of this brutal record that he has, as a killer and dictator," Acosta reported. "It is, it is quite something when you're this close to him. And I think that came across in the pictures that we just saw a few moments ago, he can be very engaging, he can be very charismatic when you're with him face-to-face in that kind of setting and one of the questions I think moving forward is whether or not the president is charmed somewhat by all of this but still not in a position to get anything productive in the long run."

"As you and I both know it just sort of strains the imagination to picture a situation where Kim Jong Un is going to give up the weapons that essentially keep him in power. And so the president can invite him to the White House. He can do it right before the upcoming campaign but is all of that going to produce much of anything?" Acosta asked.

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