Chris Matthews to Kamala Harris: How Did You Come Out Of Segregation Not Hating White People?


Chris Matthews interviews Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) following the first Democratic presidential primary debate and her fiery exchange with former Vice President Joe Biden on segregation-era busing.

"This is really important to people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. I don't like the word race -- ethnicities. How did you come out of that and not have hatred towards white people generally?" Matthews asked.

"I just ask because you talked about being a kid and having other kids being kept off as friends because their parents looked at you as someone else," the MSNBC host followed up.

"Most Americans do not conduct themselves that way, and most parents don't conduct themselves that way," Harris responded. "So there was no need to create a broad application because of that one experience, but we cannot deny that there are many children, black children in America who have had that experience. Children of color who have had that experience be they Latino, Asian or black. That has happened in America."

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