Dave Rubin: Tech Censorship Is Pushing Limits For Small-Government People


'The Rubin Report' host Dave Rubin speaks out about his work, transparency and being targeted on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

DAVE RUBIN, HOST, THE RUBIN REPORT: Tucker, I guess you didn't know when you came to my house to do my show, to my little garage studio and you played with my dog and saw my backyard chickens, you didn't know what a crazed right-wing radical I was. So I'm glad that we've gotten that out there.

Look, of course, this is complete nonsense. I mean, we've discussed this many times. I am an old school liberal. So this is not like I'm some far lefty and I'm not some far righty. I'm a pretty moderate guy. I've tried to build some bridges here.

And even that now is becoming too extreme for what Google and YouTube are allowing to happen. One of the things that I've done that I'm most proud of actually is I've had conservatives on my show like you, like Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, et cetera and I've treated you guys with respect and decency. And that really is what the mainstream media and sort of "The New York Times" and CNN crew doesn't want people to see. They just want to create a character of all of you guys.

So that's sort of why they're coming after me, but I will say this, just moments before we started here, I just got notified that Susan Wojcicki, who is the CEO of YouTube, she actually followed me on Twitter.

So I've got over a million subscribers on there and I don't have as much of as an e-mail address of someone at YouTube. But maybe I am starting to make some headway now.

And you know, quickly, to your point on where sort of libertarians are at right now, I think there's an interesting moment here where generally small government people, and I think you're sort of in that group too, you know, our limits are being pushed on what small government actually means.

And for me, I would always prefer a private answer to this and competition. But maybe there has to be a sort of two-pronged approach where politicians are putting pressure and then public people are putting pressure, and we can maybe make these companies sort of be a little more transparent, be a little more open, which really is all anyone is asking for here.

CARLSON: Yes, I'd bring them to heal by force tomorrow. I wouldn't -- I have a libertarian solution, I think, but we're past that time. Would you allow a power company to say we're denying you electricity because you voted for someone we don't like. Of course, you wouldn't allow that.

RUBIN: Well, I think that's --

CARLSON: The utilities exist because the government allows them to exist.

RUBIN: I think that's a totally valid argument.


RUBIN: Yes, I think that's a totally valid argument --

CARLSON: That's just my moral.

RUBIN: Yes, you know, as my friend Eric Weinstein says, it's like one day, are we going to get to the point where our Republicans are going to be allowed to have phones in their homes? I mean, that's sort of where we're heading with all of this.

CARLSON: No, exactly.

RUBIN: My preference would be that these companies through public pressure will move. But you might be right. And I actually, I think that's just an incredibly rich debate that we should be having more often.

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