Trump: Border Facilities "Much Better" Than They Were Under Obama


President Trump speaks about immigration and the situation at the border at a media availbility in the Oval Office on Tuesday.

REPORTER: Are you personally concerned, Mr. President?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Wait until you hear this beauty.

REPORTER: Are you personally concerned about the conditions at these border facilities where there are some--

TRUMP: Yes I am. I am very concerned. And they are much better than they were under President Obama by far. And we are trying to get the Democrats to agree to really give us some humanitarian aid, humanitarian money. And that is a very fair question. And I appreciate that question. But I am very concerned. It is in much better shape than it ever was. A lot of these children come from places that you don't even want to know about the way they've lived they way they have been--the way the poverty they grew up in. But with that if we can get this bill signed we will be able to do it. We can get we have you know, the Democrats don't want to sign anything and now I think they are going to probably sign this from what I understand it's I call it humanitarian aid. This isn't even about border.

At the same time you see the numbers are way, way down. Mexico has been really helping us a lot. They have very strong immigration laws. They are moving 15,000 people or 16,000 people to our Southern border.

And they moved 16,000 troops to their Southern border which is pretty incredible. And a lot of signs are coming out where the cartels and all of the bad folks--the coyotes that they call them and all of the bad people that are bringing young children and taking advantage horribly. It's a form of slavery it's horrible what they're doing to young children. You understand. You've reported on it. A lot of that is stopping now because of what we're doing and because of what's happening on the border. So, I just want to thank Mexico.

They've really done a great job. We appreciate what they're doing and hopefully they can keep it up because it's very important. Very, very--Mexico has very, very powerful immigration laws. They can do things. Our laws are so bad. What we would like to do and I--I'll do it right now officially is ask the Democrats to give us help on asylum. Help on all of the loopholes the horrible loopholes that get signed in over a period of years that don't allow us to do what we should be able to do. We need the votes of Democrats.

And I think, ever importantly, you know because our economy you heard Larry Kudlow, because our economy is so strong could be the strongest in the history of our country. People want to flow up to the United States but you just can't do it that way. You have to do it legally but you have there--you have these massive number of people trying to get into the United States because of the economy because we have done so good. But that's one of the problems with doing well. Everybody wants to come in. 10 years ago, five years ago, four years ago they didn't want to come in today they want to come in. But we can't let that happen. So we are doing very, very (INAUDIBLE).

And--and as far as the wall is concerned the wall is heavily under construction. The Army Corps of engineers is doing a great job. We are doing a lot of wall right now and we expect to have 400 miles built by the end of next year. That's a lot. And we are building them in the right places. We are building--we are picking areas where we need it the most and it's having a tremendous effect.

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