John Dean: Mueller Testimony Will Redefine Trump Presidency, Republicans Will Try To "Confuse"


CNN contributor former Nixon White House counsel John Dean said special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony to Congress will redefine the remainder of President Trump's legacy. Dean said Mueller "will be a powerful witness" and his testimony will be the beginning of the "redefinition" of the Trump presidency. He said that Mueller "respects the law so much" that he will give long and truthful answers.

Dean also weighed in on non-legal issues like immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border. He said immigrants are being used as political pawns for his "mean, nasty" supporters.

JOHN DEAN: I think it's big. I think it's a real breakthrough for the Congress, for the House. It could really define the remainder of the Trump presidency...

I must say that the having appeared recently in front of the committee myself, the Democrats are very able lawyers. I'm afraid to say the Republicans are little league. And they'll do a lot of speechifying and try to throw dust around and confuse things. But there are enough Democrats there. There are only 17 Republicans on the committee. Many more Democrats. He'll be responsive too...

This man respects the law sufficiently that he is not going to mess with the subpoena. He knows that Congress has a right to this information. He's not going to deny it. I think he'll be a powerful witness and I think this is the beginning of the redefinition of the Trump presidency.

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