Tom Cotton: Without "Firm" Response To Drone Shootdown, Iran Will Continue To Escalate


Chris Wallace asked Sen. Tom Cotton, who strongly supports an attack on Iran, if President Trump's decision not to retaliate for Iran downing a U.S. drone will be remembered in the same way as President Obama's decision not to strike Syria after they crossed his "red line."

“Does this run the risk of being President Trump’s red line moment?" Wallace asked.

"No Chris, I see some differences between the two situations," Cotton replied. "First, President Obama’s Syria policy was a mess. Second, he himself in his own words drew that red line, and then third, he failed to enforce it."

"Here, President Trump's Iran policy is working," Cotton said. "And he's also said that major sanctions are going to be added tomorrow, which is only going to increase the sanctions that they already face, which is one very positive result so far of the maximum pressure campaign."

"Obviously I think retaliatory strikes were warranted when we're talking about foreign vessels on the high seas. I think they were warranted against an American unmanned aircraft," Cotton also said.

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