Laura Ingraham: Trump Was Elected To Remove U.S. From Foreign Entanglements, Not To Please Neocons


Laura Ingraham calls out media personalities like Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Bret Stephens for criticizing President Trump's decision to show restraint and not strike Iran.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS: A great byproduct of the Trump presidency that doesn't get nearly enough attention is the way in which the President twists his opponents into knots. Now, remember, how Democrats in their media cast Trump in the early days of his presidency. They said, "Well, he's not well, and he just has this blood thirst - this lust for war".


MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC HOST: The President of the United States is completely unhinged and getting worse by the day.

CHRISTINE QUINN, FORMER NYC CITY COUNCIL SPEAKER: He is not fit temperamentally to be President.

EZRA KLEIN, FOUNDER & EDITOR AT LARGE, VOX: Donald Trump is destabilizing the Middle East, he has no idea what they do in the aftermath.

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, HOST, MSNBC: In order to get elected Donald Trump will start a war with Iran.


INGRAHAM: Boy, did they look ridiculous tonight or what? Now as you know, the President called off strikes against Iran last night due to his concern that the response would not be proportional to Iran's action. Here he is taking Chuck Todd through the decision-making process.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: They came and they said, "Sir we're ready to go. We'd like a decision". I said, "I want to know something before you go. How many people will be killed --in this case, Iranians?" I said, "How many people are going to be killed?" Came back said, "Sir, approximately 150". And I thought about it for a second, I said, "You know what, they shut down an unmanned drone, and I didn't like it. I didn't think it was I didn't think it was proportionate".


INGRAHAM: Prudent realism, that was the hallmark, was going to be of his foreign policy and he lived up to it. Now this doesn't mean that try shouldn't retaliate in the face of further provocation in the future if it's proportional.

But his decision there to weigh the human cost of the potential strike destroys the arguments made by the folks that we just played for you in that sound bite. Now, but don't worry, their hate it's enduring for this President. It's always creative, it's morphing.

Now watch the same media apparatus now turn on the President for not bombing Iran.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He has a basic unfitness for handling national security matters.

JIM SCIUTTO, CNN NEWSROOM: Does it undermine the strengths of the President's military threat going forward?

DENNIS ROSS, COUNSELOR, THE WASHINGTON FOR NEAR EAST POLICY: Well, it probably raises questions about it.

BRET STEPHENS, POLITICAL ANALYST, NBC NEWS AND NEW YORK TIMES: He hesitates and he withdraws at the last minute. There's fear in him.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC HOST: This is a President who loves to insult. He loves whom a bully. He loves to threat and threaten. But what happens when our adversaries understand that he's never going to follow through.


INGRAHAM: Neo-cons at the very end and to the very end. Well, the bottom line is this. President Trump will never please any of those critics and that's not what his goal is. He was elected, in part, to remove the U.S. from these foreign entanglements and end our perpetual military interventionism.

Well, last night's decision was the right one and the voters will see it, even if the resistance pundits do not.

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