Putin Warns: Attack Against Iran Would Be A "Catastrophe," Lead To "Sad Consequences"


Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday in a televised interview that an American attack on Iran would lead to "catastrophic" consequences, the costs of which would be "difficult to calculate."

"The New York Times" reported Thursday night that President Trump almost approved military strikes on Iran overnight in response to the downing of an American drone near Iran earlier this week, claiming American planes were "in the air" to attack Iranian radar and missile sites before Trump ordered the mission be aborted.

"I want to say it would be a catastrophe for the region at least," Putin said. "It would lead to an influx of violence, to an increase of flow of refugees from the region. But I think for those who would make such attempts t would also lead to sad consequences. It is hard to predict what can follow the application of military force. We would not want the events to evolve according to this scenario."

"As for Iran, in general, it fully complies with IAEA --the organization that controls the nuclear technology, and does not violate anything," he said.

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