Chuck Todd: By Showing Iran He Doesn't Want To Kill Anybody, Trump Is Signaling He Wants To Talk


NBC's "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd talks about the first clip from his exclusive interview with President Trump that will air in full on Sunday. In the interview, Trump discusses his decision to cancel a planned strike on Iran at the last minute.

"Some people have said he should have known about the casualty amount earlier. Here's my impression: I don't think he ever planned on giving the green light. He doesn't say that, but he seemed to be inching away from that the entire time, you could see it yesterday. So I can't help but wonder if some of this was, 'Bolton and Pompeo, show me what you got,'" Chuck Todd theorized. "I do think in some ways, the president already has a reputation for not telegraphing very well, and seeming to do one thing and then another... but I do think the president believes is by making it clear he didn't want to kill anybody he's sending a message to the leaders of Iran that he wants to talk."

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