Brennan: Trump Could "Turn Off" FBI Or CIA If They "Pose A Threat To Him Personally"


Wednesday on MSNBC's "Hardball," former CIA Director John Brennan blasted President Trump's statement that he would not allow the CIA to recruit members of Kim Jong Un's family:

JOHN BRENNAN: Well, he has no appreciation for the importance of the intelligence profession and the work that intelligence professionals do around the globe to include going out and trying to recruit individuals to provide us the insights we need to keep our country strong and safe. So, by saying he — it never would have happened under his watch and, again, I’m not going to talk about whether or not an individual was a source or not of the CIA, but rest assured, Americans, that CIA officers around this globe are trying to get close to those people that are going to provide us the insights, the information, the secrets that we need and Mr. Trump always had a very, very sort of negative attitude toward intelligence professionals, particularly the CIA, which I find reprehensible.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you think he would call the CIA, the agency, and say, “call off the agents. Call off any recruitment of agents.” So we — he can protect his friend, the north Korean dictator? Would he actually do that?

BRENNAN: I wouldn't put it past him to prevent the agency from understanding what might be happening if he felt that was going to be harmful to his policy or personal interest or objectives and that's why I'm concerned about the upcoming presidential election. It’s clear that the Russians interfered to help Mr. Trump in 2016. Is Mr. Trump turning a blind eye to that because he doesn't mind if the Russians involve themselves again to try to enhance his prospects for reelection. It's — it’s really quite unnerving to think this President, Mr. Trump, can, in fact, turn off law enforcement and intelligence capabilities if they pose a threat to him personally.

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