Sanders Speechwriter David Sirota: Democratic Socialism Is The Ideological Heir Of FDR's New Deal


2020 hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to make a speech today at George Washington University touting democratic socialism as the ideological heir of the New Deal, according to campaign aide and speechwriter David Sirota.

"His vision of Democratic socialism is essentially Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal tradition," Sirota said on Hill.TV's "Rising" Wednesday morning. "At the time, in the 1930s when there was economic dislocation from the Great Depression there was a lot of angst in our country and in Europe. Europe made the choice to go with right-wing nationalism, authoritarianism to great detriment to the world. The United States had some of that fomenting in our country at the same time, and Franklin Roosevelt made a different choice at the time with labor leaders and grassroots movements to invest in the country... to build things through the Works Progress Administration.

"Sen. Sanders is arguing that we have to make right now the same choice, we face the same crossroads," Sirota said. "One of the points of this speech that you will hear is Sen. Sanders will argue that Donald Trump himself is a different kind of socialist. Donald Trump is a corporate socialist. Donald Trump's family has received $185 million in subsidies and tax breaks for his real estate empire... We have, essentially as dr. Martin Luther King said, to paraphrase, socialism for the rich and rugged free market capitalism for everybody else."

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