Rep. Rashida Tlaib: "Racialized" Citizenship Census Question About Reducing Number of Colored People Counted


I want to know what this memo by this political appointee at the Commerce Department named James Uthmeier, I want that document because this isn't about the citizenship question getting on or not, whatever decisions are being made at whatever levels, this is about the intent by the current administration to not include communities of color who tend to vote aligned with maybe different perspectives, or different, aligned different parties. This is about not counting everyone that is in our country. This is a political motive.

I have to say to this fact, this is cheating. In many ways an election. This is cheating by saying we don't want to count everybody. We want to count as less people as possible, and that impacts directly communities of color...

This is about whether or not we as a country want to count every single person, no matter their status and so forth. But doing this, this is political motivation, this is very racialized. This is because you don't want communities like mine being represented here in this chamber equally. This is about that. And it really, it breaks my heart.

This is corruption at its core. This is political corruption when somebody outside of the agency, outside of the administrative rules is telling people in this chamber this is what we're going to do, we're going to put the citizenship question forward...

Is it really about citizenship? No. It is about reducing the number of people of color in this country being counted in the census. That's exactly what it is about. Because you want to cheat. He wants to cheat, Mr. Chairman. He wants to cheat this process. Well, not on our watch.

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