Graham: The Collusion Narrative Died With The Mueller Report, The Corruption Narrative Is Growing


Tuesday on FNC's "Hannity," Sen. Lindsey Graham argued that as the Russia collusion narrative collapses, the case alleging corruption in the origins of the probe is growing.

"Horowitz will be coming out soon, I hope, with his internal review of the FISA warrant application, and whether or not the court was defrauded by the Department of Justice and the FBI. Durham is going to look at all things criminal. He's on the case. The collusion narrative has died with the Mueller report. The corruption narrative is growing by every day," Graham said.

"Every American should be concerned about whether or not the FISA court, which is a secret court, was lied to about the source of information to use to gather a warrant. Every American should be worried about whether or not our government tried to get some foreign government to do some things we're prohibited to do by law."

Graham also said to Hannity: "I can only imagine if the names were changed and this was Republicans doing what I just described to Democrats it would be front page news all over the world. And the only place you can find it is on your show and a couple of other shows. So I don't know how we get around the fact that Comey tells the president in January 2017, here's a dossier, unverified, and that same document is the reason a warrant was issued four times and under oath, Comey tells the FISA court it is reliable enough to get a warrant. I don't know how you square that circle, but that's why we have Horowitz and my committee will get to the bottom of it."

Watch Graham's full interview:

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