John Dean: "One Of The Reasons I'm On CNN" Is Because I Am "Deeply Troubled" By Trump


Nixon White House counsel, convicted felon and CNN contributor John Dean appeared on 'Anderson Cooper 360' Monday night to discuss his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee at a hearing on the Mueller report this morning. Dean said he is "honored" to be on President Trump's "enemies list" given that he is a threat to the country.

"You look at these pictures side by side of you June 25th, 1973, and today, I wonder, did you ever imagine that you would be testifying before Congress again almost 46 years later, exactly?" CNN's Cooper asked.

"I don't think I could conjure that," Dean responded. "In fact, one of the reasons that I did what I did back during Watergate was the thought that this will never happen again. And one of the reasons I've had a knot in my stomach, one of the reasons I'm on CNN is because I'm deeply troubled by the presidency we're living with."

Earlier Monday, Trump called Dean a "loser" and said he has been one "for many years."

"John Dean's been a loser for many years, so I've been watching him on one of the networks that is not exactly Trump-oriented, and I guess they paid him a lot of money over the years," Trump said to reporters. "No, John's been a loser for a long time. We know that. I think he was disbarred, and he went to prison. Other than that, he's doing a great job."

"Well, I'm honored to be on his enemies list," Dean quipped. "I was able to make Nixon's at the end, and so I'm pleased that I'm on Trump's. given my feelings about the threat he is to this country."

Watch the full interview:

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