Rep. Jordan Grills John Dean: Lanny Davis "Took Your Advice" For Michael Cohen To Withhold Testimony


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled Nixon White House counsel John Dean about advice he gave to Clintonworld insider Lanny Davis on how to defend his client, Michael Cohen, at Monday's House Judiciary Committee hearing.

REP. JIM JORDAN (R-OH): Did you give advice to Lanny Davis or Michael Cohen prior to Mr. Cohen's testimony to Congress?


JORDAN: You said on [CNN host] Erin Burnett's show the night before Mr. Cohen testified in front of the [House] Oversight Committee that Michael Cohen -- you had talked to Lanny Davis and that Michael Cohen should hold his testimony as long as possible from Republicans. You didn't say that to Mr. Davis? You said it on Erin Burnett's show the night before Cohen testified.

DEAN: I didn't say it directly to Mr. Cohen was your question.

JORDAN: No it wasn't. My question was did you give advice to Lanny Davis or Michael Cohen prior to Mr. Cohen's testimony to Congress?

DEAN: I have known Lanny Davis for almost a couple decades and we have talked about it. And I did say as soon as you turn your testimony over it will be picked apart.

JORDAN: So you instructed Michael Cohen's lawyer to keep information from Republicans to obstruct the committee work that we were doing in the Oversight Committee just a few months ago. You told that to Michael Cohen's lawyer?

DEAN: I didn't quite phrase it that way, no.

JORDAN: You know what, they took your advice.

DEAN: I'm sorry?

JORDAN: They took your advice.

DEAN: Did they?

JORDAN: Yeah. Mr. Cohen kept his testimony from us for as long as possible. But do you know what else Mr. Cohen did that day? Lied. Lied seven times. This is what I think concerns so many Americans. This is what concerns I think so many Americans about the work going on in this Congress.

The first announced witness of the 116th Congress is Michael Cohen. A guy who sits in prison today for lying to Congress. Today Chairman Nadler brings in front of the Judiciary Committee a guy to talk about obstruction of justice who went to prison in 1974 for obstructing justice.

DEAN: I did not go to prison.

JORDAN: Okay. You pled guilty to obstruction of justice. I'm glad that you got to stay out of prison.

DEAN: What bothers me the most is this committee's failure to investigate how the whole Trump/Russia thing started. This is the Judiciary Committee. How this whole thing began.

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