Peter Schweizer on Hunter Biden: Foreign Governments Recruiting Family Members Of American Politicians


Government corruption investigator Peter Schweizer is interviewed by Sinclair's Eric Bolling to discuss lucrative business deals Hunter Biden entered into with foreign governments while his father Joe Biden was serving as vice president.

Schweizer, who previously called for Hunter Biden to testify to the Senate, said the Trump family also is a target of foreign countries such as China.

"The problem is the corruption is being globalized," Schweizer said. "What that means is that foreign governments and foreign oligarchs are looking to recruit the family members of politicians because they believe by striking commercial bargains with them—helping politician families become rich—that they're going to get favorable treatment."

"And Joe Biden has been a major recipient of that kind of largesse from them," Schweizer added.

Best-selling author Peter Schweizer examines the ways Joe Biden's son Hunter benefitted financially through deals that mirrored his father's travels and actions as Vice President:

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