Brit Hume: Convicted Felon John Dean Was At Heart Of Nixon Scandal, Turned On President To Save His Neck


FOX News political commentator Brit Hume expresses his incredulity that House Democrats invited convicted felon and former Nixon White House counsel John Dean to testify, not as a fact witness, to the House Judiciary Committee at a hearing on Monday titled "Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes."

"Just remember who has been called to testify before these committees in the House," Hume said Monday on FNC's 'Special Report.' "First, we had Michael Cohen as a star witness. Today, although it didn't get much attention we had John Dean. Let's remember who John Dean was. John Dean was the architect of the Watergate cover-up. He was disbarred, convicted of obstruction of justice, and did time."

Dean was originally sentenced to one to four years in prison but was reduced to time served following convictions of other Watergate conspirators.

"Who is going to be next for the House impeachment horde? Whitey Bulger, perhaps? They could bring him in, maybe," Hume remarked. "This is amazing. John Dean really was at the heart of the whole thing and he turned state's evidence to save his neck and that this guy would be brought in as some kind of authority because he admits he a fact witness so why exactly was he there? I guess it is to lend some sort of Watergate patina to this thing but I was astonished that they would do that."

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