Andrew Yang: Zeal To Break Up Big Tech a 20th Century Solution For a 21st Century Problem


On the Overtime portion of HBO's 'Real Time' with host Bill Maher, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang weighed in on calls to break up Big Tech companies.

"There are absolutely excesses in tech and our anti-trust laws are way out of date," Yang said Friday night. "They're using price as the primary framework which doesn't work for tech. But the zeal to break them up is a 20th Century solution to 21st Century problems."

"None of us want to use the 4th best navigation app," Yang remarked. "There's a reason no one is Binging anything. So saying that if you just break them up and make them compete with each other that's going to solve the problem. It's not going to solve the problem and some of the problems that are more fundamental to me are that social media is depressing our teenagers and if you break up Facebook into different ownership groups that actually doesn't impact... so we have to figure out what the actual problems we are trying to solve are and then move in that direction and not just say if we break them up it's going [to solve the problem]."

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