Tucker Carlson: Vox's Carlos Maza A Classic Leftist Archetype, A "Fascist Posing As A Victim"


Tucker Carlson delivers a monologue on YouTube's punishment of conservative voice Steven Crowder and Vox's Carlos Maza crying victim as he got a multi-billion dollar company to censor Crowder, one of his critics.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Steven Crowder is a conservative comedian who makes YouTube videos. He’s popular, with close to four million subscribers and tens of millions of viewers. Crowder isn’t for everyone, but who is? If you don’t like his videos, watch Colbert instead. It’s a free country. Or used to be. The press is working to change that.
A few days ago, a writer at Vox.com demanded that YouTube ban Crowder, for the crime of insulting him. Amazingly, many in the Washington press corps agreed. You shouldn’t be allowed to mock talentless Vox writers, they said. Apparently, it’s a new addition to the first amendment. The Vox writer in question is hardly a sympathetic figure. He’s got a long history of leveling racist attacks online. He has called for physically assaulting people whose politics he disagrees with, even as he whines about being oppressed himself. He is a classic archetype on the left: a fascist, posing as a victim. No sensible adult would take him, or anyone like him, seriously.
Yet, YouTube is obeying his commands. The company has announced it will demonetize Stephen Crowder’s Youtube channel, killing his business. They did this even though, in a statement, they admitted Crowder had broken no rules. Vox, meanwhile, released a series of statements demanding that YouTube censor Crowder entirely. So much for freedom of the press. The real question is why this is allowed to continue. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have become the modern public square. Congress has acknowledged them as such. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act gives tech companies a special immunity from being sued for defamation or fraud, for the stated purpose of allowing, quote, “true diversity of political discourse.” This immunity is worth tens of billions of dollars. It’s made the owners of Twitter, Facebook, and Google incredibly rich. And yet they violate its terms every day. They’re no longer open forums. They are on-going exercises in censorship. How long will the rest of us stand for this?

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