Joe Rogan vs. David Pakman: Should Steven Crowder's Show Be Banned For Calling Vox's Carlos Maza A Queer?


Podcaster Joe Rogan debates left-of-center YouTube host David Pakman about YouTube's decision to "demonetize" right-of-center YouTube host Stephen Crowder for gay-bashing Vox reporter Carlos Maza.

"So the question is, who is responsible for that hateful stuff," Joe Rogan asked. "If Steven Crowder calls him queer, what is queer? It is part of LGBTQ, what do we do there? Is it okay to call someone gay if he identifies as gay? If he calls him the 'gay little Mexican,' is that bad? How bad is that?"

"If you look at the policy, the terms of service of YouTube... with regard to bullying and harassment... That definitely did break the terms and conditions," David Pakman said. "That was my view when I looked at what was done by Steven Crowder and what the terms of service are... Specifically targeting an individual on the basis of sexual orientation."

"But he was targeting him on the basis of it, he was mentioning it with his bad ideas. He was targeting his bad ideas with regard to Antifa," Rogan said. "If you look at Crowder's video... He was talking about how Carlos dismisses Antifa as being not a big deal and there is bias in the media whenever anything negative happens... Crowder goes on to talk about all the assaults, the sexual assaults, and rapes that happened with Antifa... People that got maced in the face and got hurt and he is highlighting that the FBI had labeled Antifa a terrorist organization."

"So far, that is just politics," Pakman replied. "What does he think, what do I think."

"Yeah, but along the way, [Crowder] says the 'Queer little Latino' says this," Rogan added. "And when he does that, that is where it is like -- is he mocking him by saying he's queer? But he says he's queer, or he says he's gay."

"That's like, just because the N-word is in rap songs, doesn't mean that it would be fine to say," Pakman noted.

"But it's not like the N-word is part of LGBTN, know what I'm saying?" Rogan interjected.

"The principle is you're suggesting that because a certain word is sometimes used self-referentially by members of a group, that any use of it by the outside is by definition not problematic... I'm going from memory, but wasn't Steven Crowder also wearing a shirt that said 'fags' with the 'A' as an asterisk... as he's calling a gay guy a queer?" Pakman added.

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