Eddie Glaude: Biden Will Be Held To Account For Hyde Amendment, Crime Bill, Corporate Interests


Princeton professor Eddie Glaude Jr. weighs in on Joe Biden's presidential campaign in an interview with MSNBC Thursday afternoon:

MSNBC HOST: Here we are less than three weeks away before the first Democratic presidential debate and Joe Biden, the former vice president, he's catching it from all directions, at the moment the continued support of Hyde Amendment when bans federal funds for most abortion services and in some ways it is expected he would have this incoming given he's the front-runner but what do you think is the impact on his race?

EDDIE GLAUDE JR.: Well, I think we have to always be mindful that there is a deep ideological debate happening within the democratic party right now. We saw it in 2016 with regards to Hillary Clinton's candidacy and some believe that that debate, that fissure led to the election of Donald Trump. But we do know the rejection of Clintonism is a part of that debate. And so Biden in some ways represents that current. Even with his association with President Obama. So just as Hillary Clinton caught hell for her position around criminal justice reform, just as she caught hell with regard to her position on welfare, quote/unquote welfare reform or talk about superpredators, Joe Biden is going to be held to account. So not only with regard to the Hyde Amendment but the way in which he supported the crime bill, his position with regards to credit card companies, the way he has been in some ways how can we say it, not so much a corporate democrat but someone who is cozy with corporate Democrats. So this is part of that debate. It is going to happen. It is going to happen. We can't push it under the table simply because we all want Donald Trump to get out of office. Something bigger is happening in the country. And we're going to see it in the debates around Joe Biden's candidacy.

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