Joan Walsh: "For Our Allies, Barack Obama Is Still The President"; They Don't Want To Acknowledge Trump


CNN political commentator Joan Walsh said former President Obama is going to be our president until the United States has a "normal one" that is not Donald Trump. Walsh said allies of the U.S. "Want to wake up from this nightmare" and don't "want to acknowledge the real president."

"This is in Toronto, not in Oakland," Walsh said about the standing ovation the former president received Sunday night at an NBA Finals game. "For our allies, Barack Obama is still the president. And they are just waiting for us -- they want to wake up from this nightmare, they're waiting for us to wake up from this nightmare and they don't want to acknowledge the real president."

"So he is the president permanently until we have another normal person. That's just going to be true," Walsh said of the term-limited former president.

"Wow," CNN host Don Lemon reacted.

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