Nunes: Public Will Cringe When They Find Out What Government Did To Take Out Trump


Rep. Devin Nunes told FNC's "Hannity" on Thursday that the Justice Department needs to move forward with the declassification of documents related to the origins of the FBI's Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign.

"People need to see what's there because I think they would cringe if they knew what the government was willing to do to its citizens," Nunes said.

REP. DEVIN NUNES, R-CALIF.: Well, I want to start by making sure the American people understand what Mueller did yesterday. I think they've done a pretty good job, but people also forget one important point -- Mueller trying to do this a victory lap. He tried to talk about the Russians that they found, the Russians that they prosecuted.

I just want to remind people that the House Republicans on the Intelligence Committee had that over a year ago. And Mueller, or if he's so concerned about these Russians, why did they obstruct our report from getting out? So, our report is still heavily redacted, Sean. So, you know, Mueller --

HANNITY: Can the president declassify that?

NUNES: I think exactly right, he lit the fuse. Yes, the president can declassify that, too.

And you ask about what you come first? I think the thing that should come first is, number one, we still don't even know what Mueller was supposed to be investigating.

We don't have that document. We know that he's talked about conspiracy to collude? Well, when he walked in the door, he knew there was no evidence of collusion. We know that because the lead investigator said so on text messages.

He was so blatantly dishonest yesterday that he says, well, the Office of Legal Counsel says that you can't indict a sitting president. Well, he should have been gone after day two. He has no Russians, except for the Fusion and Clinton Russians, and possibly the dirty cop, the FBI's Russians, those are the only Russians that he has, to show connections to the Trump campaign.

Clearly, the Clinton operation is heavily working with Russians or Russian disinformation. He didn't take time to look into any of that. And you have this, and he comes and says, well, there is no possibility to indict the president on obstruction of justice.

So, you just have to ask yourself sitting back thinking about it, what was that press conference all about yesterday?

HANNITY: What was it? Answer your own question.

NUNES: It was one thing. That was to light -- light the fuse for impeachment because these guys are in big trouble.

Another important point, let me point --


HANNITY: Wait a minute. When he backed off and he had to clarify with the joint statement, what does that mean?

NUNES: Well, that was Barr actually being a grown-up and had to probably remind Mueller, hey, we got you on the record three different times saying that you were not -- you didn't have enough information to indict on obstruction. It had not to do with the position of the Office of Legal Counsel.

But there's another important point that I think people should remember about, and I think that you have Comey with diarrhea of the mouth yesterday in "The Washington Post". He said something Mifsud. Mifsud is the guy that supposedly knew about the dirt on Clinton --

HANNITY: The professor in England, yes.

NUNES: He called him a Russia -- yes, the professor. He called them a Russian asset.

Now, remember, in the Mueller dossier, Mueller stopped short of calling him a Russian asset. So, now, the former FBI director who started this investigation can't even get full communication with the Mueller dossier people.

And just to finish up and put a final point on this, Weissmann, and you were just talking about this in your monologue, Weissmann and another attorney there, handled the Steele dossier in August of 2016. Now, are you telling me -- these are high-level people, Bruce Ohr, Andrew Weissmann, and other people who worked on the Mueller dossier team. Are you telling that in August, these guys, they're sitting there looking at this very salacious and unverified information and not one of them sits there and says, where does this come from, Bruce Ohr? Where did this come from?

Oh, my wife is doing it. My wife is working for Fusion GPS, that's working for the Democrats and Clinton campaign. That was a whole thing.

It's laughable, but it's so serious that you have to trouble -- I mean, you want to laugh. But at the same time, you just hope that justice is actually served for these criminals.

HANNITY: If you listen to the attorney general when he went before Senator Graham's committee, is he interested wanting to get to the bottom of the FISA abuse? We know that Bruce Ohr behind closed doors testified -- yes, he warned everybody that Hillary paid for it, Steele hates Trump. And, by the way, it's unverified. That was in August of 2016.

Ten days before, a State Department official Kathleen Kavalec also warned them before Comey signed off on the first FISA application, it says verified but it's an unverifiable document, because Steele doesn't stand by his own words. Are those people going to be held accountable? Do you see any way they get out of what I would think is an indictment to commit fraud in a FISA court, an indictment to literally rig an investigation in their favorite candidate Hillary Clinton, and then to use Russian lies to take down a duly elected president? Can they get away with that?

NUNES: Well, I think the easiest thing to prosecute on are the leaks, and the lie, and obstructing Congress's investigation. What I will say just in closing is that if you look at what's happened in this whole investigation, you've got a lot of areas for the Department of Justice to look at.

Don't forget the State Department also. You got the dirty cops in the State Department and whoever from the Clinton campaign was working with the dirty cops to get information from Russia. That's how you start a real investigation.

HANNITY: You've seen this information -- would it be fair to say when the American people see what you have seen, it will shock the conscience and soul of this country?

NUNES: Well, I always say, on the FISA application especially, that, you know, you heard Comey call it a mosaic. And let's just find out. People need to see what's there because I think they would cringe if they knew what the government was willing to do to its citizens.

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