Maher: I Know More About What 2020 Dems Have Apologized For Than Where They Stand On The Issues


Bill Maher used the "New Rules" monologue portion of his HBO program 'Real Time' to coach up 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on how to win. On the Friday broadcast of his show, Maher encouraged Democrats to embrace FOX News and stand up and not give in to the "woke" Twitter crowd. He also replayed previous advice he has given Democrats that would have paid off, such as appearing on FNC and comments a candidate could say to bash Trump.

"I know more about what Democratic candidates have apologized for than I know their stance on the issues," Maher quipped.

"This has now become an issue for all Democrats with many going on FOX," Maher said. "

"Go where the votes are, get out of Wokeville for a day. See what's going on in Mullettown," Maher said. "You've already got NPR, go on FOX! And you can't let Trump completely own the low road. If he's going to call people names, he should get it back."

"Democrats must stand up to Twitter," he said. "Catering to one contrived outrage after another makes us look weak. Just because WokeBabe99 gets mad at you doesn't mean the rest of America gives a crap. It's great that you're gender fluid but most of America thinks gender fluid is what comes out during a wet dream."

"Stop apologizing for everything," Maher demanded. "I know more about what Democratic candidates have apologized for than I know their stance on the issues."

"The millennial vote will not be won through tweeting emojis or calling your budget plan 'fire.' They can smell desperation through their phones. So just cut the crap and do you. Enough with the videos (photo: Beto O'Rourke getting a hair cut). People want an authority figure as president, not somebody who looks like a 10-year-old in a barber's chair!" Maher said.

"No stunts," Maher suggested. "Like two weeks ago when [Democratic Congressman] Steve Cohen brought KFC into the session of Congress to remind everyone that Bill Barr was too chicken, get it, to testify. You know, a picture is worth a thousand words but none of those words should be, 'look at that idiot.' If you want to bring something nasty and greasy into a House hearing subpoena Don Jr."

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