Rep. Brad Sherman on MSNBC: Impeachment Is "The Only Thing I Can Get On TV To Talk About"


Rep. Brad Sheman (D-CA) on MSNBC's Ari Melber on "The Beat" Friday afternoon:

REP. BRAD SHERMAN: Look, the president obstructed justice. That was apparent to me in July of 2017 when I introduced articles of impeachment, but I knew those articles couldn’t lead anywhere without bipartisan support because, of course, Republicans were in control. Prosecutors don’t indict unless they think they can get a conviction. We need to change public opinion so that we’ll get a fair hearing in the United States Senate because impeachment without removal is.

ARI MELBER, MSNBC: What was inaccurate about the mentioning that you were for impeachment?

BRAD SHERMAN: I’ve been pushing towards impeachment, but I want impeachment on a bipartisan basis.

ARI MELBER: You’re advocating for impeachment. You introduced a resolution for impeachment. Now, you’re the politician. … You can use your time as you see fit, I appreciate you coming on this show. Do you want to talk about the case that you’re making for impeachment?

BRAD SHERMAN: Actually, I’ve been trying to get on your show to talk about the Saudi nuclear program, and if it was my time we’d be talking about efforts to control drug prices. There’s this image in this country that Congress is focused on impeachment. That’s the only thing I can get on TV to talk about, but it’s not really what I’m working on.

ARI MELBER: Interesting.

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