Rick Wilson: Pelosi Has One Shot At Impeachment Or They Never Get To Go After Trump Again


Republican strategist Rick Wilson explains why he believes Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's strategy on impeachment is the correct one.

RICK WILSON: I think the reason that she's pursuing the right strategy right now is because we understand after almost 4 years now of Donald Trump in American political life that you can't shame the shameless. You can't use moral suasion against this guy because he doesn't have any morals. If you're going to go after him, to quote 'The Wire,' if you're going after the king you best get it.'

And in this case, she knows that she gets one shot at all this. If she blows it and they don't get him in the House, they won't get him in the Senate, which is also a huge factor here. If they don't do the thing correctly in the House, they never get to go after him again. He will romp on this and say I've been completely clear. They couldn't impeach me. We're done.

So she knows she has one shot to make this work and I think the timing question is let's not -- the advice that she is getting, and I think correctly, is not to rush into this thing but rather to do it in a measured sensible way that does more political damage to Donald Trump over time than a one and done.

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