MSNBC's Ari Melber: Mueller Is Telling Congress "I Can't Do Your Job For You"


MSNBC legal analyst Ari Melber weighs in on special counsel Robert Mueller's final statement on his report:

ARI MELBER, MSNBC: The political dynamics here overlap with the legal dynamics because it is only Congress's job -- not the prosecutor, not the press, not the voters -- it is Congress's job to decide if and when high crimes were committed.

I think what Mueller did in his own careful way, he never insulted anybody, he never criticized anyone, but if you read him carefully, he is saying to Congress, and in the House, the Democrats run Congress: I can't do your job for you. I gave you evidence, I gave you a longer report than people usually get. When Pat Fitzgerald investigated there wasn't a report like this.

And I think that is something that in the days ahead will be interesting to see. Did the country hear this? And then does the country, "Congress, you said wait for Mueller. Mueller finished." Then you said we need to hear from him publicly and that took up some time. And Mueller came out publicly and said, uh uh, I spoke and Barr released it publicly and I don't question his good faith. And it is up to the Congress to decide whether or not there were crimes in office.

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