Giuliani: Democrats "Lying To The American People" About Mueller Report


Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney for President Trump, appeared on FOX News' 'The Story' with guest host Ed Henry to deliver his reaction to special counsel Robert Mueller's press conference Wednesday morning. Giuliani said if you take Mueller at his word, that he can't indict nor deliver an opinion, then the reality is "we just wasted two years."

The former New York City mayor also took a shot at Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell, calling him "pathetic" for continuing to claim the president committed a crime. He also accused Democrats of "lying" to the American people about the Mueller report.

Transcript, via FOX News:

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  Also here exclusively tonight, President Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani.  
Mr. Mayor, good to see you.  
You were laughing throughout part of his answers.  
RUDY GIULIANI, PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ATTORNEY:  That can't be a serious candidate for president.
HENRY:  Why?
GIULIANI:  That's pathetic.  
HENRY:  Well, which part?  
GIULIANI:  The whole thing.  First of all, he’s obviously going through a serious identity crisis.  So, I excuse him -- 
HENRY:  He tweeted about how he feels guilty that he is a white male.  
GIULIANI:  Well, he’s even more confused about the case.  The idea that attorney general of the United States can turn over information to them and not be in violation of the law is just a fiction that they are all presenting to the American people.  They are lying to the American people.  
The attorney general has turned over 98 percent of the obstruction (ph), if not 99 percent.  Even Mueller said today that their report has been largely or very largely seen.  He knows there’s nothing -- I have read the report.  You have read the report.  The redactions are like this.  Maybe a third of them are footnotes.  
HENRY:  But they say there’s underlying evidence that might give us a bigger window into --  
GIULIANI:  First, he’s talking about reading the whole report.  He’s read -- if he’s read the report, he’s read the whole report.  The redacted versions are 1 percent of the report, maybe half a percent because half of that percent are footnotes.  
Second, Mueller today just said what the report said.  To make this into oh my god now we have not a single new fact.  Not a smoking gun.  Not even a single new nuance.  
I mean, it's the same old story.  End result for a prosecutor, which obviously he was not very good at, is, number one, no collusion.  
Well, immediately what that says to you is we just had two and a half years of two investigations entirely unfair, a waste of taxpayer money, and certainly justify as man defending himself.  
HENRY:  Well, let me get to that, and then we’ll get to obstruction.  
On collusion and conspiracy, Mueller said today he could not establish a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians beyond a reasonable doubt.  Doesn't that leave open, if not a conspiracy, that there was contact and collusion? 
GIULIANI:  Well, he actually said something stronger than that.  He said there’s not -- there’s insignificant evidence.  There’s not significant evidence.
HENRY:  Insufficient or --   
GIULIANI:  Insufficient evidence.  Insufficient evidence means you can't meet the burden for an indictment.  
The burden for indictment is probable cause.  It's nothing.  It’s not reasonable doubt.  So, he can't get to the level of even making charge.  
Do you know what that means every place else in America under American law unless you want to change it?  It means you’re not guilty.  
All prosecutors ever do is determine, is there enough evidence to charge something?  I never heard of exonerating someone.  I never heard of it.  I never heard that word for a prosecutor.  
HENRY:  Because now, it's been flipped around that he’s not not guilty.  
GIULIANI:  Oh, yes, that's 2,000 years -- that’s 2,000 years of fairness.  We go back to the Romans, the English, the Americans.  
This guy who wants to be president of the United States wants to flip all of that and what he wants to do is presume the president guilty.  It doesn’t presume the president is guilty.  He’s been saying the president is guilty for two or three years.  What a phony.  
HENRY:  So -- 
GIULIANI:  What do they want him there for?  They want him there for a show.  They want him there for being on, you know, daytime television, trying to become stars.  
He is hoping that he’ll be the only -- I’m the only Democrat that's going to get a chance, maybe can I win the primary?  Gee, I mean --  
HENRY:  Well, he said --  
GIULIANI:  I don’t know -- I don't know how to say to him.  You wouldn't win no primary, pal.  He just not -- you just don’t have enough, you know? 
HENRY:  He says Democrats are on the road to impeachment.  You’ve been in politics a long time.  Does this boomerang on the Democrats?  
GIULIANI:  Well, tell me what new fact was revealed today.  
HENRY:  He asked him.  He didn't name anything.  
GIULIANI:  Of course, he didn’t name anything.  He couldn’t even make one up.  Usually, he makes things up, but he must still be swooning from that identity crisis.  
So, the reality is, there was no new fact.  There was no tape.  There was no piece of evidence.  There was no witness.  Every witness walked out on them.  
Their whole collusion investigation is probably going to become an investigation against them because that collusion thing was manufactured.  I know that.  I spent the last six months investigating that.  I think it's going to boomerang on them big time -- 
HENRY:  So, we’ll see what you get on that.  But let's get to obstruction, because what Democrats are saying is that that Bob Mueller -- and he went on camera.  This is not, you know, speculating.  He went on camera and suggested at least, as you know, that but for this Department of Justice policy, he might have indicted the president.  
GIULIANI:  He said two things, including in the report, separately.  And they are trying to use that.  He said, number one, I cannot reach a conclusion that the president committed obstruction of justice but I can't exonerate him.  
The minute he says I cannot reach a conclusion that he obstructed justice, it means there’s no case.  End of case.  Case over.  You don't get to say the second one, but I can't exonerate him.  
We don’t you to exonerate -- you’re not supposed to exonerate.  That shouldn't be in your head.  Mr. Weissmann put that in your head, because they like to distort the American Constitution.  
HENRY:  One of his prosecutors.
GIULIANI:  And this guy, Swalwell (ph), is not smart enough to understand the difference and doesn't care.  
HENRY:  So --  
GIULIANI:  Second, second -- so we said on our analysis of the evidence, he gave his opinion, which is all he can give us.  
The second thing he said was there’s a Justice Department policy.  Well, there was a Justice Department policy about collusion also.  
HENRY:  So, was this a waste of two years?  
GIULIANI:  Well, if you --  
HENRY:  If he knew out-front he couldn’t indict him?
GIULIANI:  If you take -- if you take that analysis that he can't indict, and he can't give an opinion, then the reality is we just wasted two years.  
HENRY:  All right.  Mr. Mayor --  
GIULIANI:  But he did give an opinion.  And his opinion is no collusion, no obstruction, pal.  
You can twist it all the way you want.  And they’re going to keep doing it, but it's going to backfire on you.  
HENRY:  All right.
GIULIANI:  But now, we should be paying more attention to how much corruption was involved in the original charge.  
HENRY:  We appreciate you coming in.
GIULIANI:  It’s going to go pretty darn high.

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