Trump Supporter vs. Amash: "How Can You Become A Democrat When We Voted For You As A Republican?"


A Trump supporter asked Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) if he is interested in restoring the public trust of government how far does he plan on investigating the origins of the Russia probe. At a town hall event hosted by the Congressman, the woman was booed by some constituents, however, received applause after she mentioned Hillary Clinton and Democrats trying to take over the country through a silent coup. Amash did tell the crowd to calm down and let the woman speak.

After several outbursts in the audience, including one man yelling 'What's your question?' the Trump supporter asked the Congressman: "I'm just trying to get my view across because nobody else has asked a question. Anyway, my question is how can you become a Democrat when we voted for you as a Republican? Because you drank the same Kool-Aid as all the Democrats."

The discussion got heated when the two disagreed that obstruction of justice cannot occur if no crime was committed.

"[Mueller] never said that President Trump had committed a crime because President Trump didn't and you can't have obstruction of justice if there is no crime committed," she said.

"That's not true," Amash responded.

"Yes, it is," she shot back.

"I think you hear that stuff on social media or be told that stuff on certain outlets," Amash started to respond.

"Excuse me," she interjected. "I can think for myself."

"Obstruction of justice is more relevant when there is not an underlying crime because that's when it will come into play," the Congressman said. "It will come into play most when you don't have the underlying crime because the obstruction is to prevent the charging of the underlying crime."

"There was no crime and it was all a lie," she responded.

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