GOP Rep. Amash: Can't Let Trump's Conduct Go Unchecked, Congress Has A Duty


Republican Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) said Congress can not let the conduct described in the Mueller report go unchecked. Amash said it is owed to the public that Congress does "the right thing" and not let President Trump's "misconduct" go without investigation.

Amash at a town hall event on Tuesday:

REP. JUSTIN AMASH (R-MI): I think it's really important that we do our job as a Congress, that we not allow misconduct to go undeterred.

That we not just say, someone can violate the public trust and that there are no consequences to it. And if you get a chance, I encourage you all to read the tweet where it lays all of this out. Mueller's report lays all of this out. And I'm confident that if you read Volume II, you'll be appalled at much of the conduct. And I was appalled by it. And that's why I stated what I stated. That's why I came to that conclusion, because we can't go -- we can't let conduct like that go unchecked.

Congress has a duty to keep the president in check and it is a difficult process for those who are worried about, you know, Congress intruding on the president's powers consistently, it is a difficult process to remove someone from office. It's not easy. So no one's suggesting that just because you start some inquiry or process that a person's removed from office. Nonetheless, we have a job to do. And I think we owe it to the American people to represent them, to ensure that the people we have in office are doing the right thing, are of good character aren't violating the public trust.

Amash talks about impeachment at town hall:

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