Dem Rep. Al Green: Trump Can Be Impeached For His Racism And Bigotry


Rep. Al Green (D-TX) said President Trump should be impeached for his racism and bigotry. Green likened a potential impeachment of Trump to the impeachment of President Andrew Jackson, notably the 10th article impeachment which was "speaking ill of Congress." Green, who said people often confuse what the law says with what we think it says, said that misdemeanors means "misdeeds" and would fall under the charge of "high crimes and misdemeanors."

"We too often confuse what the law really says with what we think it says," Green said. "Andrew Jackson was impeached for speaking ill of Congress in Article 10 of those articles, and it was for a misdeed. A misdeed is a misdemeanor."

"So the president can be impeached for his racism and his bigotry. Unfortunately, however, he is a beneficial bigot. Meaning he benefits a good many people and I, unfortunately, have to tell you I'm so saddened when I see people who have built their reputations fighting bigotry allowing this to persist to the extent that it has."

"There are organizations that there going to be shamed in history because they didn't fulfill their missions as they have said they with would with reference to bigotry," Green said. "I'm not going to be a party to this."

"I do believe he can be impeached for his bigotry and should be," Green said. "Congress is at the crossroads of accountability. Either we will hold the president accountable or we will be held accountable. This is not a time we're going to stand on the fence. We all will have to take sides and the only way to accomplish this is to have votes in the House and in the Senate."

Green said Democrats must act or primary voters will hold them accountable.

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