Bannon: "Supergroup" Of Nationalists Have Acheived "Critical Mass" In European Parliament, Can Start To Block Things


Former White House strategist Steve Bannon says European integration is dead after European election wins by nationalist and populist parties in Italy, France, and Britain.

STEVE BANNON: I think you've seen now the possibilities, particularly in the major countries of Italy, France, and the UK where there are huge victories for the populist/nationalist sovereignty movement. Now you see the possibility of a supergroup, you see the possibility of putting together Hungary, Poland, the UK, along with Salvini and Le Pen, to have actually a group that would be the second largest group in all the European Parliament. What you're going to see, whether the supergroup can come together or not, is you now have the sovereignty movements have command-by-negation. You have a critical mass that can start to block things. And I say every day in Brussels is going to be Stalingrad...

We're not in an era of persuasion, we're in an era of mobilization. People, because of the internet and because of the way they come to news, information, the way a lot of these political parties are almost aspirational lifestyles, the disintegration of the mainstream media on Facebook live, campaigns by Salvini and Bolsonaro and people like Nigel Farage, and AOC in the United States. You're now seeing an era of mobilization. And I thought what you say yesterday was a terrific job of mobilization by the Greens, and they are going to be a significant factor. Anybody who doesn't think so doesn't understand how trends develop in politics. They're going to be quite substantial going forward.

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