GOP Rep. Andy Biggs: We Probably Have Another Year Of Investigations Into Russia Probe


Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs joined Charles Payne on FNC's "Sunday Morning Futures" to discuss the importance of investigating the Trump campaign investigators and President Trump's decision to allow information about the origins of the investigation to be declassified.

CHARLES PAYNE, FOX NEWS: We've gone through over two years of the Mueller investigation, even though we've gotten the Mueller report, which had very few redactions, certainly not as much as people thought it would have, that still feels inconclusive, at least for many in the media and Democratic Party. So as far as resolution, do you think it is important to have these documents not only declassified, but these other investigations to come through, so we can ultimately get an authentic resolution that everyone will accept because it will be the final word

REP. ANDY BIGGS: Well, we were promised the Mueller report would be the final word, and because some people didn't like the outcome that is going on. But it never touched the origins of this, as so that is why you need the Horowitz investigation on the FISA, you need Barr releasing the documentation that will show how this thing started out, and don't forget we've got Huber investigating.

So we've got a whole lot of investigations going on trying to understand first of all, how in the world did our police apparatus and our investigation apparatus of DOJ and FBI, how did they go so awry at the top to use their power and authority for political purposes. We've got to get to that and reveal that. Look, if you can do that to the president and his campaign for political purposes, then basically nobody is safe. Nobody can trust the system. So we have to clear this thing up once and for all. Unfortunately, I think it is going to be probably another year or so of investigations until everything comes out and we can clear this thing up. I hope it is sooner rather than later.

CHARLES PAYNE: You mentioned this system itself. If there any chance that when this is all said and done, we will have new best practices in our government and intelligence community so that perhaps fraudulent documents aren't able to be used in the future. Will there by some reform of the FISA court system so we actually get something done other than individual accountability, which I think everyone craves, but something where we fix the system so it can not be abused ever again.

ANDY BIGGS: There is supposed to be an independent review of the FISA system to make sure these abuses don't happen. It is a secret court, that is part of my problem with it. It is so secret, and that is ostensibly for national security interests, but don't forget when you have transparency -- when you have investigative agencies now who try to go in and get warrants for U.S. citizens, that goes before a court and ultimately all that information can come out and people can be charged for perjury. That's not what we see with the FISA court. This kind of transparency has got to start taking place, and I hope those reforms are put in place. The reauthorization that was done just about a year and a half ago, that is problematic so we have to reform that in Congress.

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