Lindsey Graham: Declassification Will Show FBI "Blew Through Every Stop Sign" In Trump-Russia Probe


Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told "Fox & Friends" Friday morning that the declassification of intelligence documents related to the original 2016 Russia probe will contain a lot of information showing the FBI overstepped its authority.

"It is long overdue," Graham said, "You're going to find out the mentality of the people investigating the president. You're going to find out exactly what they did and said. You're going to find out that Papadopoulos was not working with the Russians and [th FBI] knew early on that he had no contacts with the Russians. There'll be some transcripts coming out where he says, 'If you did that, that'd be treason.' So the bottom line is, there's going to be a lot of information about they were warned Steele was a bad guy and you can't trust him. They blew through every stop sign."

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