Rep. Steve Cohen: Members Of The Judiciary Committee Are "More Attuned To This Issue" And 90% Support Impeachment


Rep. Steve Cohen told CNN's Poppy Harlow Thursday morning that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is "a good mother hen" for House Democrats, but "she's wrong in her strategy" of not impeaching President Trump.

Cohen, a member of the Judiciary Committee, said that 90% of Democrats on his committee support impeachment and that after watching impeachment hearings, the public "will come around to see this man is not capable to be president."

"The members of the Judiciary Committee are much more attuned to this issue and it's our responsibility to protect the Constitution," Cohen said.

POPPY HARLOW, CNN: I know that you are calling for impeachment proceedings and inquiry to start now. You said something that really struck me a few days ago on another network, congressman. You said 90% of Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are for opening an impeachment inquiry right now. If that number is accurate, is Nancy Pelosi going too soft on the president right now? Is she not listening to the majority of members of her caucus?

REP. STEVE COHEN: It's the majority of members of the Judiciary Committee. The members of the Judiciary Committee are much more attuned to this issue and it's our responsibility to protect the Constitution. That's where impeachment would lay. The majority of the caucus is not there yet. Nancy has a good perspective on our caucus and she's a good mother hen, but I think she's wrong in her strategy. I think by exposing the corruption of this administration, the emoluments clause violations, the obstruction of justice, all the things he's done, the obstruction of Congress, and having it in the form of an impeachment inquiry or an impeachment hearing that the public will watch as they did the Watergate Senate hearings, they'll come around to see this man is not capable to be president.

POPPY HARLOW: But you just told me 90% of the Democrats on House Judiciary are supportive of an impeachment inquiry now, but not a majority of Democrats in the entire caucus, but yet you still don't think Nancy Pelosi is making the right choice by listening to the majority of the caucus?

STEVE COHEN: She needs to do what is right. She said she's doing this because of patriotism, not politics. It's hard to see that. Patriotism would say jump into hell for a heavenly cause. The fact is when you have a Constitution and you have a rule of law, and it's being destroyed in a reckless gangster manner, you need to act. I think the only reason not to act is because of politics. Patriotism says act.

POPPY HARLOW: Wait, you're saying, it sounds like you're saying house speaker Nancy Pelosi is not being patriotic. Is that right?

STEVE COHEN: Not necessarily. You can be patriotic in different ways. Whether going for impeachment is patriotic or not, I think going for impeachment is, when you see it laid out before you. I see that.

POPPY HARLOW: You're saying she's putting politics above patriotism in this instance?

STEVE COHEN: I hate to get into it with Nancy. Nancy and I have a great relationship and I'm not going to spoil that.

POPPY HARLOW: I get that, but you also need to be straight, right? You're being straight with the American people. Is that how you see it?

STEVE COHEN: I'm straight with the American people. Donald Trump needs to be impeached. I think it will be the best thing for the country and the Democrats both.

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