Eddie Glaude: Trump Has Declared That Unless He Is Immune To The Rule Of Law, There Will Be No Legislation


Professor Eddie Glaude joins MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist to discuss the fight Wednesday at the White House between the president and Democratic congressional leaders.

"At one level you're right, Willie, it is pathetic, at another level it is quite dangerous," Glaude said. "We could read it, as Mika said, idiotic and childish, but it is also a performance of a certain understanding of executive power. Donald Trump said yesterday in front of the entire country that he was, in effect, immune to the rule of law. And if he wasn't immune to the rule of law, none of the people's business would get done. So either the Democrats and the House of Representative stop engaging in their Constitutional duty or there will be no legislation. That's clearly bordering -- we've moved beyond autocratic to almost monarchical, right?"

"And then to go back to Joe's earlier point from the top of the hour, he engages in bad faith, because in some ways he despises his interlocutors. Right, he despises his interlocutors? It reminds me of William Haslett. 'He would make of himself a dupe if only he could.' Right? Because he's constantly trying to dupe folks, so it makes it very difficult to imagine how the business of the country will get done," he said. "So we're in a very dark place. There's the entertainment of it, there are the tactical and strategic matters, but at a certain level, Willie, this is a very dark hour in the history of our democracy."

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